RCIA: Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults


Inquiry is a time of hospitality—when the local worship community extends a welcome to those who wish to know more about the Catholic faith. There is no commitment required of inquirers. Inquiry sessions typically last between an hour and ninety minutes, and will be conversations facilitated by one or more members of the initiation team. These sessions are a chance for members of the community and inquirers to get to know each other, for inquirers to share their questions, concerns, and hopes regarding initiation as well as Catholic Christianity as a whole. Often the facilitators will ask some questions to begin the conversation and to help inquirers think more about their interest in the Catholic church.

If you are interested in attending an inquiry session for the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA), please contact Fr. Rick Walsh CSP. If you are interested in attending an inquiry session for the Reception of Baptized Christians into Full Communion with the Catholic Church (RBCFC), please contact Fr. Rick Walsh CSP.

All inquiry sessions take place at the Paulist Center. Room assignments will be listed on a schedule in the elevator; you can also ask the Paulist Center receptionist where the session is being held.

Inquiry Sessions
Please visit our calendar for all upcoming events, including Inquiry Sessions.

Additional inquiry sessions will be scheduled during the year. If you are interested in the RCIA or RBCFC, please contact Fr. Rick.