Liturgy of the Word with Young People

Liturgy of the Word with Young People
Liturgy of the Word with Young People is an opportunity for children in grades 1-4 to hear God’s Word proclaimed in language they can understand, and to reflect on it in their own words. It takes place during the 10 am Mass, and follows guidelines established by the Directory for Masses with Children
For more information, contact: Margaret Ris

Trying to Plan a LWYP Session?
The following resources can be helpful in preparing for leading LWYP sessions
(Many thanks for Bill Soper for contributing this list):
US Conference of Catholic Bishops. Click on the date in the calendar for that Sunday. This is where to make sure of the correct readings.
The first site to go to when planning. It gives the readings and interpretation of the readings for both adults and children.
If you are looking for a deeper understanding of a particular bible passage, come here. There appear to be more than 100 different bible versions to search from.
Also contains some really good commentaries.
The website for the St. Louis University Catholic Community.  They link each Sunday’s readings to some interesting materials. A good place for an in-depth review of the readings.
From Lots of good links that are worth exploring.
Sermon and Sermon Lectionary Resources. Explore.
Children’s Chapel. You have to get lucky to have a Sunday that uses one of the stories available, but the stories are good food for thought on what to do.
Good source of ideas. Idea links are driven by categories such as “baptism” though, rather than the readings themselves.