Paulist Center Groups



Adult Confirmation

Rick Walsh, CSP,, 617-948-2424

Adult Education Program

Jim Gorman,

Sponsors varied educational courses and offerings throughout the year.

Advent Christmas Concert

Michael Kurley,

Participation encouraged and open to singers and instrumentalists from within our regular music ministry, as well as others who enjoy singing the songs of the season.  Rehearsals Thurs – 6:45 – 9 pm in the chapel, early October to early December.

Auction Committee

Patty Simpson,, 617-948-2428

Plans the annual fundraising auction for all the ministries of the Paulist Center . Kickoff in late January/early February.



Rick Walsh, CSP,, 617-948-2424

Program welcoming your child into the Catholic community. Community members can choose from four regularly scheduled baptism weekends throughout the year, currently the 3rd Saturday of every odd-numbered month from 10am – 12noon

Bread Baking Ministry

Jay Sampson,

Bread bakers prepare unleavened bread from a special recipe for the bread consecrated at our Eucharistic celebrations. Individuals or families bake and score the bread in their homes so that there can be fresh loaves for the weekend celebrations.


Chapel Art & Environment

Suzanne Sampson,

Community members enhance the liturgical rhythms of the Church year by using artistic, creative and floral talents for the environment of the Chapel. People are needed who are willing to take time to learn the needs, meet and discuss possibilities, and execute plans, especially in anticipation of major celebrations, such as Advent – Christmas, and Lent – Holy Week – Easter. We seek people who appreciate an environment that fosters communal prayer, are good with visual details or fabrics, or who have a green thumb!

Charismatic Prayer

Nora Bolcon,

A Group that meets for Spirit-filled worship on two Wednesdays of each month

Coffee After Masses

After the 10 am Mass
David and Joanne Condon,, 617-489-0642
After the Noon Mass
Kathy Ward,, 978-744-5152

Community Breakfast / Meals

Peggy Lavoie, 617.780.0360

Volunteers prepare breakfast and hospitality every third Saturday7-9am for people who are hungry.

Confirmation Program

Susan Rutkowski,, 617-948-2426



Emergency Food Pantry

Susan Rutkowski,, 617-948-2426

Opened every non-holiday Tuesday afternoon for those with an immediate, critical need for food. Donations of non-perishable items are always needed and can be left by the Mary Altar after the weekend liturgies.  See more about the food pantry here.

Eucharistic Ministers / Extraordinary Ministers of Communion

Michal Kurley,

EMs are community members responsible for distribution of the Eucharist, the Body and Blood of Christ, at liturgies. Periodic training is provided and necessary to understand the theology and logistics of this ministry for a prayerful and orderly ministering of Communion to the gathered members of the assembly. Trained EMs should arrive 10-15 minutes before weekend Masses to sign-up in the El Salvador alcove. On feast days and special liturgies, such as Christmas and Holy Week, ministers are scheduled in advance. EMs also consume any remaining consecrated Eucharistic elements reverently in the sacristy immediately after Communion.


Family Labs

Susan Rutkowski,, 617-948-2426

An innovative program involving the whole family. Four to seven families meet once or twice a month for lab-planned religious education, social and service activities.

Family Ministry / Family Religious Education Program

Susan Rutkowski,, 617-948-2426

Family Ministry offers a variety of ways for families to learn and grow together in faith. Programs are described in a brochure available here, or go to this link to learn more:

The Family Ministries registration form is here..

Finance and Investment Committees

Patty Simpson,, 617 948 2425

The finance committee is responsible for recommending fiscally sound budgets and good fiscal practices to the Director of the Center and the pastoral council. Its members also make the annual financial report to the community. Members are appointed by the Pastoral Council. If you are a community member with a business background, understand financial statements, have an interest in the broad view of the Center and its ministries, and would like to be considered for membership on the committee, please contact us.



Hospitality – Mass Greeters

5pm: Nancy Mehlem –
10am: Judy McCarthy –
12pm: Mary Sullivan –
6pm: Jorge Rios –

Hospitality at liturgy includes the friendly and helpful people who greet you as you enter the Paulist Center Chapel. We are in need of more hospitality ministers to be present at liturgical celebrations. Greeters are especially attentive to visitors and newcomers, help distribute bulletins and other materials, and provide vital information on the location of restrooms, and childcare. This is an ideal ministry for persons who are outgoing and enjoy welcoming others

Hospitality – Ushers for Special Liturgies

Michael Kurley,

This ministry is not currently in place, but one that we hope to initiate. It is particularly desirable and helpful to have several trained individuals serve as ushers to assist with seating and the orderly flow of processions for special liturgies, such as Christmas, First Communion, Confirmation, and Holy Week.


Isaac Hecker Award for Social Justice

Susan Rutkowski,, 617-948-2426

Given annually to an individual or group in recognition of the outstanding commitment of a North American Catholic to building a more just and peaceful world. Past recipients include Dorothy Day, Cesar Chavez, Archbishop Hunthausen, and Rev. Thomas Doyle.  See these Guidelines to nominate your favorite Catholic.


Junior High Program

Susan Rutkowski,, 617-948-2426

Meets twice a month on Sundays from 11:15am – 1:00pm ; includes community service and social activities in addition to as well as religious education.





Bob Rivers, CSP, 617-948-2406


Mairead Nolan,

Lectors are Proclaimers of God’s Word at liturgies. Six rotating teams meet at 7pm Wednesdays, 10 days before assigned weekends (approximately once every 6 weeks) to break open the scriptures with the preachers, reflect on them, and in their collected wisdom, help compose the General Intercessions. Teams assign the lectors for each of the weekend liturgies. Private auditions, training, workbooks and other resource materials are provided. The Lector also serves as a Eucharistic Minister, and as an acolyte/altar server, assisting the presider.

Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender/Questioning & Friends

Rick Walsh, CSP,, 617 948 2424

For men and women who celebrate their lives in the context of a faith community and seek support.  [… recent documentary on inclusion and acceptance in the Catholic Church]

Little People’s Program

Julie Sloan,

Parents work in pairs to provide structured religious education and activities with 3-1/2 to 5 year olds during the 10:00am Sunday liturgy.

Liturgical Dance

Christine Monterio,

Providing liturgical dance and Creative movement to enhance prayer during festive and special liturgies.

Liturgy of the Word With Young People (LWYP)

Bill Soper,

Between September and May, children at the 10 am Liturgy have the opportunity to hear the Word of God in language they can understand and to reflect on it in their own words. Adult Leaders of the Word present readings adapted for children aged 6-10 (Grades 1-4) and help engage the children in reflection.


Marriage Preparation

Thinking of Marriage is a pre-marriage program for couples planning to be married in the Church.  Potential participants MUST call 617-742-4460 and speak to our receptionist to register for a particular session before any payment may be made.  Paying without registering with our receptionist will not guarantee a place in a session.  See more about Marriage Preparation here.

Music Ministry

Michael Kurley,

The musical leadership at our weekend Masses is provided by four teams of talented and dedicated musicians. They support and enhance the communal sung prayer by the addition of some vocal harmonies as well as special instrumentation. Singers should be able to sing in tune, as well as maintain your part when there are harmonies or descants. An informal audition/interview is required. Each music group rehearses approximately 75 minutes prior to their weekend liturgy, with combined and special group rehearsals scheduled seasonally and as needed. As well as singers and cantors, we seek skilled and dedicated pianists and instrumentalists to contribute your talents to the blend!

Music Ministry Advisory Group

Michael Kurley,

A representative group of music ministers who serve at the invitation of the Pastoral Minister of Music, as an advisory body for music selection and programmatic policy for the Center.




Pastoral Care of the Sick

Trudy MacDonald,

(Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion) On occasion, Ems take the Eucharist to our sisters and brothers who are unable to attend Mass due to illness or who are homebound. Special training for this ministry is provided.

Pastoral Council

John Domino,

The Pastoral Council meets in order to discuss issues relative to the management of the Paulist Center.

Paulist Associates

Mary Sullivan,, 617-842-3825

Adult Christians are invited to explore and experience the Paulist community and charism as a Paulist Associate.  See more about the Paulist Associates here.

Pax Christi-Boston

Christina Abbey,, 781.286.5004

A City-wide group of Catholics formed to promote peace via prayer, education and action. Some activities: Closing the School of the Americas, Anti-Death Penalty, correspondence with a man on Death Row. Gathers the 1st Monday of the month from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm at the Paulist Center.





Rick Walsh, CSP,, 617-948-2424

The process wherein adults receive the sacraments of the Roman Catholic Church. Community members are invited to journey with those seeking initiation.



Levering White McQuillan,

Working before, during, and after a particular Mass, the sacristans attend to details for the preparation and orderly celebration of the liturgy. They prepare the proper amounts of bread, wine and vessels; they check linens, candles and other items to be sure all is ready; they coordinate the Presentation of the Gifts of bread and wine; and assist in other ways as requested and needed. Persons who are detail oriented and like working behind the scenes are ideal for this ministry. New sacristans are paired with mentor.

Sacramental Preparation

Susan Rutkowski,, 617-948-2426

St. Dismas Committee

Susan Rutkowski,, 617-948-2426

St. Joseph Society

Vincent Rocchio,

St Joseph Society works on  renovation projects at the Crossroads shelter in East Boston, volunteering labor to perform carpentry, plumbing and other renovation activities.

Senior Youth Group

Susan Rutkowski,, 617-948-2426

Usually meets twice a month on Sundays from 11:15 am – 1:00 pm for faith formation. Additional opportunities for social and service events.

Sister Community Group

Judy Stover,

Since 1986 the Sister Community group has been sustaining a relationship with Hacienda Vieja, a community in rural El Salvador.  We encourage new members to be involved in a number of ways such as: visiting El Salvador on a Share delegation, doing advocacy work, fundraising, writing  letters or translating, and spiritual and material support for the community.


Taize Prayer

Jane Titus,, 508-783-6589

Prayer around the cross with contemplative chants and meditative silence. Seeking singers, instrumentalists, readers and those interested in helping create a sacred space to grow spiritually. Tuesdays of the Lenten season at 7 pm

Ten Point Coalition Tutoring Program

Mary Hughes, 617.361.3697

A Boston-based coalition of predominantly African-American and Latino churches mobilizing to work against a culture of violence and to work for hope for our youth. The Paulist Center , as a member of Ten Point Coalition, continues a Saturday morning tutoring program, among other activities, at Mother Caroline Academy, Dorchester



Voice of the Faithful

Donna Doucette,dbdoucette@votf.org781.559.3360

The Paulist Center chapter of VOTF was formed on June 30th, 2002 to support VOTF’s three goals: support those who have been abused, support priests of integrity, and shape structural change in the church.


Walk for Hunger

Founded by and at the Paulist Center, this annual 20-mile walk takes place the first Sunday of May. Volunteers help plan, coordinate, and walk to raise funds for Project Bread and the many meal programs and food pantries throughout Massachusetts. Now sponsored by Project Bread,

Wednesday Night Supper Club

Volunteers host a meal for our neighbors who are hungry. The meal is offered weekly in the Paulist Center Auditorium and is funded by Project Bread’s Walk for Hunger as well as donations from groups and individuals.

To arrange for a group to volunteer, please email

If you are interested being a cook please email Emily Hankle,

For general inquiries, please email: Jeff Buckley,

Individuals with questions about volunteering are welcome to send an email to the email address above, but also know that it is fine for an individual to just come to help any week without prearranging your visit. See our Supper Club page for more information on volunteering.

Worship Committee

Michael Kurley,

This group works to implement the Pastoral Plan of the Paulist Center; specifically the goals related to fostering the liturgical life and experience of the worshiping community.



Young Adult Ministry  (18-39 yrs old)
Emily Jendzejec,, 617-948-2422

Outreach, social network, new friends and fun – join with other community members in their 20’s and 30’s, share a meal meet new friends.  Pot luck dinners!

YAM Facebook Page

See their website