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The newest English translation of the Roman Missal, the ritual book used to celebrate Mass, will be used in all English-speaking Catholic parishes beginning the First Sunday of Advent, 2011. This section will provide information and links in the coming days and months so the Faithful may have ample opportunities to study the changes and learn about the newer language in RM III.
Here is a tool for reviewing the Official Changes to the People’s Responses: VIEW
The Paulist Center Task Force on RM III has prepared reflection and insight papers to assist in the transition to the new missal.

RM III Task Force Members: Frank Desiderio, CSP, Paula Cuozzo, Michael Kurley, Mary Burke, Chris Cichello, Miska Vincze, Bob Bowers

Below are the links to the current papers:

The “Low Down” on Hell in the New Translation of the Creeds ~ by Miska Vincze, RM III Task Force Member of the Paulist Center Boston
The Apostle’s Creed in the new translation of the

Roman Missal remains quite similar to the current translation with a few exceptions. One of these exceptions is the use of the word hell, which I will address in this short essay. Before I continue, I would like to say that this document is neither a criticism of nor a stamp of approval for the new translation of the Creed. It is intended to bring to light the difficulties inherent in the translation processi and to clarify the use of a potentially misleading term.

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Director’s Perspective on the New Roman Missal
~ Frank Desiderio, CSP, Task Force Chair


Roman Missal III: The Pastoral Impact of Change

~ Chris Cichello and Bob Bowers, Task Force Members

From Vatican II to Roman Missal III:
A Tradition of Liturgical Development

~ Paula Cuozzo, Task Force Member*diNa7buPRKyqTtJg

Questions Regarding the New Translation of the Roman Missal
~ by Mary Burke and Miska Vincze, Task Force members
The Impact of the Roman Missal III on Liturgy and Music

~ by Michael Kurley, Task Force Member, Director of Liturgy and Music to helpful resources to begin learning about RM III:
US Catholic Conference of Bishops
Archdiocese of Boston
Liturgy Training Publications
This list of FAQ’s is from the Center for Liturgy at St. Louis University.

The diocese has made available some new resources on the Office of Worship site:

One of the things worth looking at is a video presentation by Brian Mahoney: Learning the Words of the New Roman Missal

Changes in the Parts of the People in the Order of Mass in the Roman Missal, Third Edition

This is a series of articles that OCP has published, and has made available on their website:

John Baldovin, SJ on “History of a Translation”:
OF INTEREST articles:

From Loyola Press, which has a series of short and good articles, especially helpful for children:
An article from David Haas in the June-July 2011 edition of Ministry and Liturgy offers some great food for thought as we move forward through this time of change:
From Boston College: