Event 2016 Individual Stewardship Commitment
Date Saturday, 10/1/16
Time 12:00am

October Is Stewardship Month

The next three weekends we will be processing up during liturgy with our Stewardship Cards from Stewardship Weekend as a visible sign of our commitment to the Center. What is “Stewardship Month”? It is a time for each longtime Paulist Center community member to consider his/her participation in the community in terms of their time, talent, and treasure. For those more recently members of the Paulist Center, it’s a time to consider the Paulist Center’s volunteer and ministry opportunities. And for all, it’s a time to consider an increase to their financial contribution to the well being of this community. Your generosity not only will allow us to keep up with expense increases, but also expand our programs and giving in the community. We especially encourage shifting to electronic giving so that, even when circumstances keep you from worshipping here on Sunday, you may still participate in the fiscal well-being of your community. If you did not fill out a commitment card in church, you can go to the following link to do it online during the month of October.

Follow this link to the Stewardship Commitment Form

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