The Paulist Center
5 Park Street
Boston, MA 02108
617-742-4460 (Office)
617-720-5756 (FAX) (email) (website)
Name/Email Title Phone Number
Paulist Center Staff
Fr. Michael McGarry, CSP
Director 617.948.2454
Fr. Rick Walsh, CSP
Paulist 617.948.2424
Michael Kurley
Pastoral Minister of Liturgy and Music 617.948.2425
Christa Coyne
Administrative Assistant 617.948.2427
Chilton Brettin
Reception/Hospitality Minister 617.742.4460
Susan Rutkowski
Pastoral Minister of Family Religious Education (FREP) and Social Justice 617.948.2426
Patty Simpson
Pastoral Administrator 617.948.2428
Katie Oxley
Pastoral Minister of Young Adults/ Communications Coordinator 617-948-2422
Bob Rivers, CSP
Paulist New England Outreach
Group/Ministry Leaders’ contact information is available in the Paulist Center Groups page